9/18 A Wine Tour Through Portugal


9/18 A Wine Tour Through Portugal


Let’s take a deep dive into Portugal, home of hundreds of unique grape varietals and distinctive growing regions, demarcated and defined by law long before Bordeaux. You may be familiar with vinho verde, the inexpensive quaffing wine, but do you know single vineyard, aged alvarinho from the Vinho Verde region—the largest in Portugal?

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We’ll have one, plus a rare white Touriga Nacional, the Baga grape grown by its godfather, Louis Pato, and a historic wine from the beaches of Colores most Master Sommeliers haven’t tasted. There will be deep, luscious reds from the Douro and Dao regions, too.

  • Monsaraz olive oil $8 per 750ml

  • Provan Fidalgo Alvarinho Vinho Verde 2017

  • Quinta Cabriz Touriga Nacional White Dao 2017

  • Paulo da Silva - Casal da Azenho Tinto 2014

  • Borges Soalheiro Old Vines Red Douro

  • Louis Pato Vina Velhas Red Beiras 2015

  • Esporao Reserve Red Alentejo 2015 $17.66 or Trincadeira

Sommelier Genevelyn Steele

Class Time: 6PM - 8PM